Virtual sticky notes/reminder gadget for Windows desktop
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The ePad995 makes possible the digital version of the very famous, useful and convenient sticky notes. For those who like to decorate all around the office desk with the paper version of sticky notes this might be bad news, but for those who still need the notes and don´t want anymore sticky surfaces all around, well... the paradise is here.
Really easy to use, flexible and convenient, the ePad995 emulates very good his paper counterparts. It will wait for you, pacient and silent, as a pad-like icon always on your task bar so you don't have to waste your time anymore, looking around your office for the sticky notes. By double-clicking the icon it will launch a blank note for you to use. Just type in whaterever you want to remember later on, save it and it's done! As simple as that!.
If you want to dig in for more options, some options are available for you. Let's know them.
For example, instead of typing your note, you can import it from a text file you already have, with the .txt or .rtf extension. Also you can set a title for your note a change the font in wich the note will be display. For those who want to go even farther, they can change the color of the note too, choosing from blue, green, pink, yellow and white. Since you can leave your notes always on top of the desktop, you also can set a transparency percentage, from “Opaque” = 0% to 90% in steps of 10%, so it won't block your view underneath.
In case you want to ask ePad995 for more, you have the printing features. Yes! If you miss to touch the paper, use the page setup and print options and get back to it.
To finish, you can enjoy of this really awesome application for nothing. If you go for the sponsored version you will be paying nothing but it can get really annoying. For the affordable price of 9,95 you get rid of the sponsors and is worth it every cent.

JM Senior editor
Juan Morán
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  • Easy to use
  • Very convenient
  • Affordable price or adware licence


  • Annoying sponsored version
  • Only English supported
  • Run on system startup option not available


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